The decision to build is neither one that is easy to make nor one that is made on a whim.  There are often months or even years invested in planning and crafting your ideal living space.  Eumenean Construction recognizes the emotional and financial commitment you have made to this point, and that you are invested in seeing a project through.  Our goal is to implement your vision by exceeding your craftsmanship, budgetary, and timeline expectations.

First, and quite possibly most important, we do not use hired supervisors on our job sites.  Duncan or Rogers will be, not only your single point of contact throughout the building process, but also your project supervisors.  Their daily interaction with you and the subcontractors ensure consistency of message throughout the building process.  What this means for you is that you know that there is no mixed message that gets lost in translation between you, the builder, the architect, and the subcontractors.

Secondly, because we rely so heavily on our reputation, you can be assured that the owners of Eumenean will not overlook details or cut corners because it is the easiest way to do something.  You can feel comfortable that we have your best interest in mind during the entire build.  We will recommend increasing costs in some places because it is the right thing to do, and at the same time, we are masters in value engineering projects to make them work within a limited budget.  We are your biggest advocate and sponsor throughout the entire building process.

Lastly, it is our personal mission to reshape the perception of the General Contractor.  Due to our professional background and our commitment to excellence and to the customer, you can be assured that your experience with Eumenean will be drastically different than those “horror stories” that you have heard.  We love what we do and it is reflected everyday in how we approach the projects and our most important asset, you.

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