Duncan Spears and Rogers King have been renovating and building homes around in town Atlanta for over 10 years.  From award winning historic renovations to multi-million dollar new constructions, Eumenean Construction has worked closely with homeowners and architects to bring its clients’ visions to fruition.  However, their path to becoming on of the area’s preeminent contractors is not one taken by the average builder.

 The two first met as undergraduates at Davidson College. Post college, they both pursued professional careers, Rogers attending business school at Vanderbilt Univ. and Duncan receiving a law degree from Univ. of Virginia. While Duncan was practicing law and Rogers was working as a consultant, the two began renovating homes and this part-time pursuit evolved into a full time passion. Creating something tangible, seeing concrete results at the end of each day provided a level of satisfaction not found in the world of paperwork, teleconferences and cubicles.  After several successful independent projects, Rogers joined Duncan to form Eumenean Construction (a name taken from a building on the Davidson College and meaning “good spirits” in the Greek).

Duncan and Rogers spent some years renovating homes for resale with much success. As the satisfied customer base grew and positive word of mouth referrals flowed in, Eumenean Construction saw its workload and focus transition from spec homes into undertaking extensive renovation and building custom homes for clients.

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