The building of a house is one that takes an organized and methodical approach. The Eumenean approach to the build is derived from our consulting and legal backgrounds. From the consulting side, timetables, critical path, budget adherence, and dedicated project tracking are apparent throughout the build. Customer satisfaction at every milestone and process step is carefully monitored and if adjustments are necessary, they are made. We strive to educate you in what we are doing so that you understand the ramifications of any decisions that you make during the build. Our legal background ensures that every “I” is dotted and “T” is crossed throughout the process. Even though we require all of our subcontractors to carry General Liability and Workers Compensation insurance, we carry an additional umbrella policy that further protects you during the build.

One feature of our building process that really sets us apart is our utilization of a “Job Board” posted at the job site. This is a one-stop communication device that allows constant communication between the builder and you, the homeowner. The two-week calendar on the bottom of our board will keep you in the loop of what’s coming next in the build process. Additionally, there is space on the board for you to communicate back to us, and have it documented immediately. This is just one more step we take to provide transparency in our process and hopefully help you understand and participate in the process with us.

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