Building or renovating a home is a very expensive undertaking and you are placing your trust, faith, and hard earned money in the builder’s hands in hopes of them guiding you smartly and pleasurably through the building process.  At Eumenean, we strive to adhere to the highest quality standards, using the best craftsmen in the south to deliver above expectation results.

Eumenean Construction sets a conservative, yet realistic build budget based on our discussions with you.  Our budgets work because our incentives and our expectations are aligned with yours.  This is not typical with other builders.  Since we’re paid on milestones, our incentive is to finish your project as quickly as possible, while still ensuring that our high building standards are upheld. We have put a great deal of time into the budget in this proposal, and we do not underbid jobs to get them.  Our preference is to come to you with savings rather than overages.  It is our objective to make your project a truly custom project, with as much intrigue and individualism as possible, while still maintaining adherence to our budget.

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